You Can Help A Teenager From A Poor Background Cope With The Stress He Faces While Growing

You Can Help A Teenager From A Poor Background Cope With The Stress He Faces While Growing

A teenager's life is full of struggle and strife. If the condition of poverty were added to it, it is going to be a huge disadvantage. This is the most important phase of their life when they are to build a foundation on which the edifice of their future is to hang on.  

If the very foundation is fraught with some cracks and crevices, the building can never be expected to be strong and sturdy.

A teenager's life is fraught with emotional and social insecurity. Teenagers find themselves at the receiving end of the apathy when their parents have to move around the country.

They face the brunt of social and emotional changes. They have to adjust with the changing society. As their society and community changes, they are more likely to find themselves falling prey to depression and anxiety.

Those from a poor background are more likely to find it difficult to understand the differences  between themselves and their peers from families that are well-off. Their struggle for survival ends up in creating bonds that are not very strong or stable.

The teenagers who find it a struggle to cope with the stress poverty creates for them, their powers of concentration  and attention falter. Those who are faced with genuine household problems like dealing with unstable homes, or running around to make ends meet, do not find schoolwork a priority.

Crime is an appealing alternative to getting rich quickly and getting all the attention and all the goodies that one's peers from well-off families hold. Such teenagers are often lured into crime by organised crime syndicates in lure of a steady and good income as well as name and fame. They can find neither of these at home, and they fall into the trap easily.


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