What A Teenager Eats Is Very Important Part Of The Lifestyle He Or She Adopts

What A Teenager Eats Is Very Important Part Of The Lifestyle He Or She Adopts

Teenagers have hunger pangs that demand a lot of calories to be satiated. Their calorie demand is very high. If your teenager is fond of active sports like skateboarding or football, he or she is bound to require about 3,500 calories in a day.  

Most teenagers have sumptuous meals and supplement them with healthy snacks.

A word of caution at this point is that keep your teenager away from all sorts of junk-food and fast-food. They are very tasty and irresistible, and lots of teenagers get hooked to them easily.

Chips and burgers are great to taste, but they also contain a lot of sugar and fats. These are detrimental to the overall well-being of your teenager.

Binge eating among teenagers should be controlled as soon as it is seen to be developing. It often ends up in teenagers falling prey to a whole lot of problems like obesity,  which can be a recipe for disaster in later life.

 Parents should always lend a helping hand by marking out guidelines for eating. Parents should always buy healthy food for  their wards, and keep them away from junk-food.

Obesity in adolescents is found to be a matter of concern. Teenaged girls are more likely to suffer from psychological pressures like a feeling of being inferior to other girls who are healthy and yet not obese or fat.

A healthy diet is as important for a teenager as for an adult, and because the teenager is going through an important phase in life, striking a balance between what they should eat and what they do eat is all the more important.


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