How has the debit card changed our lifestyle?

How has the debit card changed our lifestyle?

Years ago, no one imagined that you would be carrying a small plastic card in your wallet instead of money. Now this is convenient. How has the debit card changed our lifestyle?

First of all, big wallets are no longer a necessity. We used to have to go to a bank and withdraw the amount of cash we were going to need for our purchases. If we withdrew enough to last a week, that would entail carrying a lot of cash in our wallets. Now all we need is a form of ID and a bank debit card.

Are we spending more? According to some scientists, yes we are. It is easier to spend money when you don’t actually see it. When we were carrying cash, we had to budget for each day and each bill that needed to be paid. When we had to pay cash, we would think twice about a frivolous purchase.

Luckily for us, most of us can pay all our bills via the internet, without having to go to the bank. Banks have websites that allow you to pay bills and transfer funds. This is safer than having to carry cash for all our purchases. If you lose your wallet and you have cash inside, there is little chance of having it returned. Today, if you lose your wallet with your debit cards inside, all you have to do is call the bank immediately and have them cancel your card.



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