Bullfights Kill More Bulls Than Gladiators, Contrary To Popular Belief

Bullfights Kill More Bulls Than Gladiators, Contrary To Popular Belief

Animal rights activists are up in arms against the sport of bullfighting because it allegedly involves the killing of bulls by men for the sake of entertainment of a crowd gathered to partake of whatever fun they can derive from the misery. Spain has been the traditional centre for bullfights.

It is here that around 100 people from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Anima Naturalis took to the streets to protest against such bull-fights.

It is significant to note that this year has recorded 16 human casualties seeking medical aid in hospitals owing to bullfights. According to statistics, the Pamplona bull run has claimed only  15 lives since it began in 1924. 

But this is only a small per centage of those who participated in the event.

In contrast, the number of bulls killed is 100 per cent. All the bulls end up in bullfighting rings where they are eventually killed by gladiators. 

Gladiators rarely ever get killed by bulls. But the animal is always killed in the fight. This is why bullfighting has been dubbed as torture for the sake of entertainment.

Bullfights always follow the bull-runs. Opponents of bullfights are of the opinion that the run is itself enough to subject the animal to significant amounts of stress and pain. Those in favour of such events regard them as cultural events full of joy and happiness.

Some of its proponents even contend that bulls raised specifically for the purpose of these fights have a better life than the animals raised to be slaughtered.


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